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Getting *** service in a place where you’re spending less than ten dollars for a burger is one thing, but in a place where most people make their second biggest lifetime purchase, that is another. And, under any paradigm, good service can negate a lot of sins.

All too often, the “it’s not my job” mentality is found everywhere. Congratulations, David McDavid in Irving! You win the award for that category.

A few days before Christmas, my daughter bought a Nissan Leaf from the used car selection at David McDavid. Since then, she has had a few minor issues and brought the car to the service department, after making an appointment, to address these issues. David McDavid dealership sold a warranty with the vehicle, and one would hope to stick with one dealer out of convenience or loyalty, right? Well, the service department’s response was, “We can’t help you because we don’t work on Nissans.” (“not my job to care”, in other words). No one seemed to be the slightest bit interested in even being courteous, let alone, helpful in the miscommunication. If you sell a warranty for cars you cannot service, wouldn’t it be helpful to inform your customer thusly? I would think so. I would even give you points for honesty, to say that a Nissan qualified service department is where we should have taken the vehicle in future.

In the future, my family will be avoiding any future business at your dealership and this review will be posted on as many forums as I can find.

Thanks to the Don Davis dealer who stepped right up and offered the service David McDavid could not.

On the Plus side, Patrick (aka. Thor), was very helpful on the date of sale. Although, knowing the psychology of car sales, it’s not saying much.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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