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I have bought many cars in my 64 years and have dealt with all kinds of people. However my experience today with the David McDavid Honda of Irving is the worse of the worst. I’m asking everyone to share and boycott this dealership. Today we were referred to a salesman Albert Garcia but corporate director that had a longtime friendship of my son. Albert called me and I told him I wanted his best price out the door on the 2019 Pilot Touring 7 passenger in red. He asked what price I was looking for so I told him out the door $35K. He said let me get with my manager and I will call you back. Albert called back and said my manager said it was doable. They next thing I get pictures of the red 2019 Pilot Touring 7 passenger. The text said when can you come we will have you out within an hour I will get the car ready. I then texted him back and said I need to see this deal in writing it is a 2 hour one way drive for my daughter I don’t want to waste our time or yours. Then next few minutes Mike his boss is calling me. He confirmed the price out the door was $35K but did not include the price of the 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I asked him to confirm that price and if she would still get the 1.9% finance rate he checked with the finance manager yes you will get that rate and the warranty at dealer cost since you have been referred by our boss. We would not go back or change the deal he is our boss. They knew it was a two hour drive one way for my daughter he asked that we confirm we are coming the deal is only good for today. We confirmed we would be there between 8:00 to 8:30 pm. Great we will have the car gassed up and cleaned for you. We are excited she is getting a great deal and the car she wanted. When we were an hour away she texted Albert to let him know we were an hour away. About one hour later as we are exiting the freeway for the dealership Albert calls a mistake he says has been made I’m sorry we don’t have the car we quoted you the price on. I said what do you mean you just sent pictures. He said that was the Pilot we quoted you the price on the CRV Touring. Those of you that know me I was passed livid. This was a good ole boy deal so the director was called he said they will be calling you with a I’m sorry deal. Albert didn’t call so we called back and he didn’t know about the I’m sorry deal but would call us back. We are back at the dealership by this time he calls with the I’m sorry deal at $41K plus. I don’t about you but to me that is not a I’m sorry deal. Then they have the audacity to tell us we have 5 minutes to make our decision they close at 9 after we drive two hours to get screwed. My daughter had another quote she showed him and ask Mike to match he said no. So we walked Albert followed us to the car wanted to see the price again. He went back and came back with Mike he wanted to know all the options her quote had when she read them off to him he said what did you do get that quote on your way her. No she already told him she had it prior. People Mike was arguing over two hundred dollars. It is time we stand up and don’t let sleazy dealerships stay in business. Honda will be called and the franchise should be pulled. This was fraud and misrepresentation for a fact. If your going to claim it was an honest mistake shouldn’t they have had the switch car on the lot. Trust me there is a huge difference in the two cars. Don’t you find it strange that we got the call there’s been a mistake right at the hour we had told them we would be there I feel that they are crooks should be fired immediately. If you know do you really think I would pay over MSRP.

Please help me spread the word by sharing this post. It is time the working people know we are not going to deal with business that have *** running their dealership.

Lesson learned that I knew the good ole boy word means nothing.

Boycott all David McDavid dealerships dishonesty will not be tolerated.


Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Honor the price .

David McDavid Honda Cons: No remorse had no concern to honor their word.

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